Jul 10, 2016

Thoughts on Change


Change is usually not easy.

Most people dread it. Many avoid it. Too many refuse to accept it.

But sometimes...
change is freeing.

Change, when we hold onto it tightly and let it take us for a ride can help us to see with new eyes. Change can brighten and enliven.

Change can let us breathe again when we didn't know we were struggling.

Change can open new doors, close others in it's wake.
Change can feel bad but it can also feel good.
Change, most of the time, is necessary.

Whether we like it or not, change needs to happen to shake things up, to keep life moving, to bring newness and energy and hope.

Sometimes change, life, hope can feel out of reach.

Sometimes we have to leap to grasp it and grow wings on the way down.

That's what I did.
I leaped, took a chance, grasped at change.

And so far....I'm enjoying the flight!

Feb 13, 2016

Valentine's Day Challenge!

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

The day of pink and red and candy and chocolate and hearts and Cupid and cards and flowers....or, for some of us, a day we remember that oh, yes, we are still single. Yay.


However, THIS Valentine's weekend I have taken up a challenge... 

the League of Adventurous Singles Take Back Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt! (#loasvday on the instagrams) 

Long title but totally NOT made up, I assure you! 

At first it sounded pretty tame and fun and simple...I'd do a few funny things, snap a few photos and Voila, I'd have a splendid weekend.

The Hunt is actually proving to be a tad more challenging than I'd expected. 

I ticked a few items off the list right away, easy things I could do at work yesterday or at home on my own. Today, though, the Hunt has got me stumped.


I am supposed to be going out into public, yes public, not on my warm and cozy couch, to be brave and vulnerable and do things that may embarrass myself or make me feel like a heel. The purpose is to break out of our comfort zone and maybe in the process use the excuse of Valentine's Day to bring the love to someone else who might need their day brightened a bit.


So, after a rainy day indoors, wallowing in my alone-ness, I am treating myself to a late movie and I'm going to try and hand out some cute Disney Princess Valentine's, with attached candy!

Yes, yes I will do it! Awkward or not, here I come world! (Well, here I come local movie theatre, and please don't kick me out.) 


PS - I've tagged the cards with this blog website address so maybe YOU are reading this because you received one of my silly little gifts. I hope it made you smile and didn't cause any cavities. :)

Happy Valentine's Weekend!!!

Jan 8, 2016

How a Whiskey Ad Made Me Cry

In June of last year I travelled to the UK on a dream trip. My days in Scotland, and most notable on the Isle of Skye, were some of my favourite places for scenery and rugged beauty.

I had many preconceived notions of which areas I would fall in love with. I was certainly surprised that Scotland won me over way more than England or Ireland (though I loved my days in those areas, too!).

When a Facebook friend shared a whiskey video advertisement, located in Scotland on the Isle of Skye and made by two film students, I was immediately drawn to watching it.

I watched, I got all teary...then I had to go back and watch again and I got all choked up all over again.

Wow! Just wow!

Music, beautiful scenery, poignant words, people's faces and relationships with one another can certainly have an impact on us in something so simple as a commercial.

Turn up the volume.
Pull up the video full screen.


Then watch again.

Kudos to Dorian Lebherz & Daniel Titz.

Did you see it?
Did you get it?

So good.

Side Note: 
Many of the places in the video are places I walked or saw on my trip, Kilt Rock cliffs and the Old Man of Storr. 
They also crossed the Sligachan Bridge in the video and I walked across that bridge on my first full day on Skye! 
See photo comparisons below.

Jan 7, 2016

Thankful for...100 List: #76-100

As an exercise in positivity, I am continuing to make a list of the:

100 Things for Which I am Thankful.

Note: They are listed in no particular order, other than my rambling thoughts at the moment.

76. the ability to create with my hands - crafts, jewelry, gifts, graphics
77. the simple act of colouring in a colouring book
78. Timmy's French Vanilla caffeinated drink
79. clothes that are not only comfy but make me feel good
80. finding inspiring stories about other women who have faced similar circumstances to my own
81. my amazing dream trip to Ireland, Scotland & England last year! (read posts here)
82. God who provides even when it seems everything is stressful and difficult
83. my Mom, who loves me for me and treats me like a close friend
84. my Dad, who also loves me for me and is always there for me 
85. my sister, who I can always talk to about movies, or books or shows, or anything
86. my brother, who is a social male butterfly and strives to always keep in touch
87. my sister-in-law, who is patient and fun and fits right into our family
88. my nephews, who are all such fun and make me laugh so much
89. my niece, who is such a little cutie and so smart and independent even at 2.5 years
90. last-minute road trips to explore our amazing island (Tofino, Mt. Washington etc)
91. people I work with, who are fun and encouraging
92. learning new skills, like programming fancy lightning
93. grabbing sweet opportunities, like a trip to Costa Rica in less than 2 weeks!!
94. the multitude of cute little hummingbirds who I feed all year outside my patio
95. the experience I've had for the last three years selling my creations at an outdoor sumer market
96. making new friends from all over the world on my travels
97. two words: pretzel bagels
98. the amazing, funny and 80's-filled novel I just finished listening to, "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline, read by the hilarious Will Wheaton
99. people who "get" me - my humour, my geekiness, my likes
100. animals - I love them all! big, small, cute, furry, feathered, scaled...I love touching, holding, playing with and learning about them all.

What are you thankful for?  

 Start making your own list.  

(PS - It does wonders for your current state of happiness.) 

Jan 6, 2016

My "List" for 2016

Do or do not, there is no try.

As an excellent list-maker, though usually my skills are used for grocery lists or Christmas gift check lists, I am not one to normally make huge New Year's Resolutions.

However, I have, in the past, jotted down a few items I wish to see or do or create for the year ahead.

January of a new year always seems to be a great time to make a fresh start and plan ahead.

I love planning!
Whether it be a vacation or trip, a party or just a day adventure, I love researching and planning my brains out! I still am open to some spontaneity, but I like to be well prepared.

Back in 2012 I made a "My List" for that year.
I'm recreating that idea here with new plans for this coming year.

My 2016 List: (in random order)

1. Go to Costa Rica! (This is happening in less than 2 weeks!!)
2. See a sloth...a baby sloth, even better!
3. Jump from a waterfall
4. Finishing writing about my UK trip last year! (check out past posts here)
5. Start walking more
6. Write more regularly on this blog (I'm trying!)
7. Train more volunteers to cover my media job - a must!
8. Join a co-ed small group at church
9. Clean my spare room
10. Organize all my craft supplies
11. Sell my jewelry via a local store or two
12. Set up my Etsy Shop to sell my jewelry online
13. Put up photos and art on my walls (3 years and I still have empty frames!)
14. Go horseback riding
15. Go somewhere snowy next winter
16. Get a Tattoo (just a tiny one)
17. Keep up a more positive attitude every day
18. Do my best to help others around me
19. Go skiing/tubing/sledding more next winter!
20. Make healthier eating a priority
21. Read more (less TV!)

Okay, I'll admit that a few of these list items are a direct response to my upcoming trip to Costa Rica!! Gaaaaahhhh! So excited!!! I'll tell you all about it soon and I'm sure I'll be posting loads of photos of this new crazy adventure.

What's on YOUR list for 2016??